Truck of Japan, information of the Canter gut

Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus Co., Ltd. is the production, under-seat engine type light truck which I sold with the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter gut. It was on the loading vehicle from 1.2t to 1.5t and was born by changing a name of Canter 15 as Canter gut in 1987.
As for the body variation, a standard cab, a double cab, full-time 4WD are performed a lineup of. Only the diesel car produced it, and the beginning of release was sold, but added a gasoline engine car to a lineup from 1997. I continued being made as a light truck with a Canter, but it was standardized in 2010 by Canter.
It is small, and the Canter gut is flexible in a light truck and keeps the lineup abundantly, too. It is popular so that it is used habitually in the used sale market by various people. In addition, livability was improved like the Isuzu elf of the rival after I had a good reputation for easiness of riding and the strength of the engine and was changed to the structure called the instrument panel shift in an under-seat engine truck for the first time in the world. It is the car model of the Mitsubishi Fuso brand sold alone in Europe, and the height as the used car of popularity is assent, too.

Japanese Used Truck Mitsubishi Canter